Four suggestions to teach you how to avoid "illegal construction" losses

2021-11-30 00:00

Recently, there have been many incidents in which residential rooftop photovoltaic power stations have been labeled as “illegal construction”. These owners have either been complained or asked to dismantle the power stations, and they have “continuously moved together” with the urban management department.

Case 1: Self-built houses installed photovoltaic, grid application approval, urban construction urban management: we have not approved, can not install! Mr. Zhang from Fujian submitted a grid connection application to the local power grid according to the formal process, and approved the installation of a photovoltaic power station on his own roof (a self-built house with a separate house and a real estate license). At the beginning of construction, the urban construction and urban management departments came to the door saying that “photovoltaic power stations were illegally built”, and they could not install without approval, and asked Mr. Zhang to dismantle.

The explanation given by the local urban construction and urban management is, "According to the policy issued by Fujian Province, the residential roofs can be leveled and sloped, and only glazed tiles can be installed. Photovoltaic power stations are illegal and cannot be installed."

However, in the "Guidelines for the Integration of Design and Construction of Flat and Sloping Roofs of Farmhouses in Fujian Province" issued by the Fujian Provincial Department of Housing and Construction, we did not find any provisions that do not allow other things to be built on the sloped roofs.

And the method of "let PV installation manufacturers find leaders to" walk around "" given by the local city management is also shocking and angry.